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Status: testing OWL Type: An InverseFunctionalProperty (uniquely identifying property) Domain: foaf:Agent Range: foaf:Document The foaf:weblog property relates a foaf:Agent to a weblog of that agent.
Rdfs:Class rdfs gives the name 'Class' to those things that represent classes of thing,.Rdfs:subClassOf rdfs gives a name for the relationship between some specific class and its more general superclass: 'subClassOf'.Foaf provides a mechanism, the foaf:membershipClass property, which relates a foaf:Group to a sub-class of the class foaf:Agent who are members of the group.Despite the relationship with AOL, ICQ is at the time of writing maintained as a separate identity from the AIM brand (see foaf:aimChatID ).The foaf:OnlineAccount machinery is also relevant, although the information requirements for automating payments are not currently clear.For example: foaf:name xml:lang"en" Dan Brickley /foaf:name foaf provides some other naming constructs.The foaf:myersBriggs property applies only to the foaf:Person class; wherever you see it, you can infer it is being applied to a person.Buddylists, mailing list membership lists etc).Foaf includes topic-oriented functionality to address its original goals of linking people to information, as well as to other people, through the use of linked information.The basic idea is to have a term whose use is more restricted than foaf:depiction so we can have a useful way of picking out a reasonable image to represent someone.See UsingDublinCoreCreator for details.
Anything that has a gender property will be bandicam free version limitations some kind of Agent.
Removed many links to the foaf wiki, due to spam problems.
The basic idea is to have a term whose use is more restricted than depiction so we can have a useful way of picking out a reasonable image to represent someone.
Foaf can be used alongside any variants of Dublin Core, but works most effectively with the most modern Dublin Core terms namespace.
To go the extra step and infer that some eg:ilrtstaffPerson is a member of the group whose name is "ilrt staff tools will need some knowledge of the way foaf deals with groups.
This is usually for privacy and spam-avoidance reasons.However there are kinds of foaf:Agent to which the concept of gender isn't applicable (eg.For more information on foaf and related projects, see the foaf project home page.Back to top Property: foaf:plan plan -.plan comment, in the tradition of finger and '.plan' files.Other kinds of agents include Organization and Group.This is typical: foaf groups are created by specifying a sub-class of foaf:Agent (in fact usually this will be a sub-class of foaf:Person and giving criteria for which things fall asian lesbian cams in or out of the sub-class.The Organization class represents a kind of Agent corresponding to social instititutions such as companies, societies etc.The choice between these two properties is purely pragmatic.It is typical in foaf to express img and depiction relationships in terms of the larger, 'main' (in some sense) image, rather than its thumbnail(s).Back to top Property: foaf:publications publications - A link to the publications of this person.The gender mechanism is not intended to capture the full variety of biological, social and sexual concepts associated with the word 'gender'.

The myersBriggs property applies only to the Person class; wherever you see it, you can infer it is being applied to a person.